Corporate Resume
Tianjin Zenith Engineering & Consultation Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to ZEC) was founded in 1975, formerly known as Tianjin Dye Design Institute, belonging to Tianjin City Chemical IndustryBureau. ZEC reorganised with PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Puhai Chemical Co., Ltd., renamed ZEC in 2002 and integrated with Hainanhairan Hi-tech
Energy Co., Ltd. in 2006. After 30 years' development, ZEC has become a design and consulation company which set scientific research, engineering design, general contracting of services in one and effected widely in the petroleum, chemical industry, pressure vessel and pressure pipelineindustry With the construction of Tianjin and the development of oil and gas industry. . . . MORE
ADDRESS:Xinmao TianCai Hotel Building A,Suite 507 No.1 Rongyuan Road,Tianjin,China
Zip Code: 300384 ATTN: Ms.Zhang TEL/FAX:022-23080306 Email:       
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